Shelby Parking Only Steel Sign with Cobra Snake - 20" X 12"

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Shelby Parking Only Steel Sign with Cobra Snake

Choose between the Tiffany Snake and the GT350/GT500 Cobra Snake. Great looking large 20" X 12" heavy duty steel sign.

Remember when things were built to last? In this day of disposable products, these Signs stand apart! Crafted from 14-gauge steel and a patented bonding process to ensure these will last for many years to come. Because we use a highly detailed digital picture all details of the emblem are captured, this includes the glare from the chrome and imperfections in the casting of some emblems. We believe this is what gives our signs that unique look and feel. Built to withstand the weather and the elements.

• Contains Holes for Easy Mounting
• Made from 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel
• Flat not Embossed
• Made in USA!
• Official Shelby Licensed Product

Available Size: 20" X 12"