About Us

ZIC Motorsports and PhotoSTEEL have joined forces to bring you REAL STEEL SIGNS!


Remember the day when things were made with quality and people took pride in their work. When a manufacture’s promise was its bond and keepsakes passed from generation to generation. In this day of disposable products, REAL STEEL SIGNS stand apart. Crafted from 14-gauge steel, each epitomizes old school quality. REAL STEEL SIGNS embody a commitment to excellence, the bedrock of winning traditions.

Transform your own Photo’s into REAL STEEL SIGNS!  “Making Memories Permanent” - Imagine a photo processing technology where any picture you wish can be indelibly memorialized in a virtually indestructible metal substrate. It can be done without sacrificing detail or color. What’s more, it can be done in any size or shape imaginable giving it a lifelike three dimensional quality not found in conventional photo processing. The finished product, made from heavy 14 Gauge Steel, gives it a substantial and rich feel that will continue to impress for years to come. The final product is of high quality with a three-dimensional look and heavyweight feel.  

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