2019 Ford Mustang GT Car Cutout Steel Sign

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2019 Ford Mustang GT Car Cutout Steel Sign 





Have you been frustrated looking for a sign that matches your 2019 Ford Mustang GT exactly, but never could? 


Well....here is your chance!!


Introducing the 2019 Ford Mustang GT car cutout steel sign.  In this day of disposable products, these signs are built to last and stand apart from the rest.  Crafted from 14-gauge steel and a patented bonding process to ensure these will last for many years to come.  Built to withstand the weather and the elements, both indoor and outdoor.  

  • Available in all 2019 Ford Mustang GT colors. 
  • Made in the USA!   
  • Flat sign with a 3D look!  
  • Official Ford Licensed Product 

Available Size and Weight:  

Large: 23" X 10" 4 lbs 
Super Size: 40" X 17" 14 lbs (Special Order - please allow 2 weeks before shipping)